Bizzare Eyelid Piercing

Eyelid piercing is seen very rare because of its involved risks. The below shown images are that of Joe Amato. Surprisingly there is no problem while piercing but the risk factor is involved because of the allergies caused to pollen.


















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Kid Breaks New LCD TV

Kid Breaks New LCD TV}

A father is showing off his new TV when his moment is quickly ruined by his son!

First Kinect Star Wars Game

First Kinect Star Wars Game}

The hacking possibilities for the Xbox 360 Kinect peripheral seem to keep growing every day.

Beyonce Gives Jay-Z The World Most Expensive Car

Beyonce Gives Jay-Z The World Most Expensive Car}

Beyonce Knowles showed just how much she loves her husband Jay-Z by reportedly presenting him with a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, on his birthday.

Beltane Fire Festival - Play with Fire

Beltane Fire Festival - Play with Fire}

Beltane Fire Festival is an annual participatory arts event and ritual drama, held on April 30 on Calton Hill in Edinburgh...

Can You Believe She is 60 Years Old?

Can You Believe She is 60 Years Old?}

She is Philipino 60 Years old Mother of Enrique Iglesias and her name is Isabel Preysler. Hmmm what is her secret of aging?

Lady Gaga Shoes Gaga Or Gaga

Lady Gaga Shoes Gaga Or Gaga}

With four different outfits created by Giorgio Armani Prive, Lady Gaga rocked the Grammy Awards in her own unique way.

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