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Artist From China Lives On A Scale To Lose Weight In Public

Chinese artist Wang Jun is going to be spending a whole month at the Yitel and Yi Hotel in Beijing.

The Amazing Shadow Paintings

Using various everyday objects and back light, Azerbaijani artist Rashad Alakbarov creates mind-blowing shadow paintings.

Waterfall Restaurant In Villa Escudero

Located in the Quezon province of the Philippines, Villa Escudero is a nice hacienda-style resort with cozy rooms and an exotic atmosphere.

Everest - 8000 Meter Peaks

Mount Everest, also called Chomolungma or Qomolangma or Sagarmatha is the highest mountain on Earth...

Unusual Sleeping Places

When you are sleepy there is no place that you could be uncomfortable in!

Behold 1GB 20 Years Ago And 1GB Today

Average common ROM storage sizes...

Welcome To Diggerland

In the UK there is no specific legal requirement to operate a digger, either on a construction site or elsewhere.

Castle Miranda Belgium - Abandoned Place

The Castle of Miranda - also known as Castle of Noisy or Home de Noisy - located not far from Dinant in Belgium, is abandoned since 1991.

B-25 To Raised From South Carolina USA Lake

During WWII many B-25 aircrews were based and trained in South Carolina state.

The Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson

Interacting with some animals seems impossible but this man makes the impossible, possible.


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